Dossier especial de revista Tradumática sobre ‘Translation and Disruption’

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Revista Tradumàtica (2018) will feature a special “Dossier” section with the theme ‘Translation and Disruption: Global and Local Perspectives’.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

– Digital disruption: the reality of the translation industry?
– The sociality of digital tool use in the history of translation
– Who should become machine translation post editors?
– Ethical and/or efficient data collection methods for machine translation training
– Translators as activists in the digital space
– Influence of technologies on human agencies of translation
– Influence of new digital tools to translator’s/user’s cognition
– Translation on social media
– Translator as prosumer
– Economy of digital disruption in translation
– Influence of translation technologies on language learning
– Innovative use of technologies in translation education

We welcome contributions of full-length articles of no more than 3000 words, or proposals of approximately 500 words (including some relevant bibliography), to be submitted to, and by 15 December 2017. Author guidelines are available at:
All contributions will be peer-reviewed.

Publication schedule
Submission of proposals or articles: 15th December 2017
Acceptance of proposals: 15th January 2018
Submission of articles: 15th March 2018
Acceptance of articles: 30th April 2018
Re-submission of accepted articles with changes: 30th June 2018
Review of accepted articles with changes: ​31​st July 2018
Publication: October-November 2018

Please send questions to guest editor Akiko Sakamoto at

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