Second Wrocław Terminological Meeting: TERMOS 2020

 En Congresos
Fecha: 05/03/2020 - 07/03/2020
Fecha límite de envío de propuestas: 30/09/2019


The Department of Translation Studies of the Institute of Romance Studies and The Department of Dutch of the Chair of Dutch Studies are announcing the international conference BOUNDARIES of & in TERMINOLOGY

Terminology as a research discipline has yet to achieve a well-grounded position among other disciplines. Nonetheless, the number of specialists dealing with it is constantly rising. Among them, besides terminologists sensu stricto, are theorists and educators of translation, researchers interested in language, translators etc. Moreover, tools used in terminological research are very diverse. We would like to open a multidisciplinary and a multilingual discussion on whether we can – and we should – talk about boundaries of and in terminology.
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