Cadernos de Tradução: v. 39, n. 1 (2019)

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Edição Regular Temática – Retranslation in Context
The selected papers in this special volume discuss the concept of retranslation in its broadest meaning and focus specifically on the contextual circumstances in which the retranslations in question came into being (or not) as a result of the specific background of that particular period. All these papers constitute a representative echo of the changing flows in ‘Retranslation Studies’ – if we are allowed to use this terminology without claiming to divide Translation Studies up into a scattered field of subdomains and small niches – as they overarch a broad spectrum of (often mutually complementary) research methodologies and angle to look at retranslation in a number of alternative contexts. The viability of the concept of retranslation as an object of investigation is perfectly shown by the fact that ‘Retranslation Theory’ – a term coined by Siobhan Brownlie in 2006 – is constantly expanding, and new methodologies are suggested on a regular basis. The scope of the articles in this volume includes calls for more macro level research, an analysis of the role of ‘non-retranslation’ and a new interpretation of the concept of retranslation, but also a range of case studies on retranslations of philosophical texts, literary prose, poetry and lyrics. Moreover, the strictly contextual approach to retranslation is witnessed in two articles of the volume, which focus on the process of retranslation (through eye-tracking) and the economics of retranslation (the interaction between marketing techniques and reception).

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