CfP Conference Panel IATIS 2021 – Panel 15: Perspectives in translation and digital spaces in the age of ecological awareness

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Fecha: 14/09/2021 - 17/09/2021
Fecha límite de envío de propuestas: 15/09/2020

Panel 15: Perspectives in translation and digital spaces in the age of ecological awareness

Convenors: Miguel Ángel Jiménez-Crespo (Rutgers University) & Vanessa Enriquez-Raido (University of Auckland)

Keywords: digital spaces, localization, crowdsourcing, machine translation, limitations, digital connoisseurship

The new digital landscape in translation is conceptualized as a stage of “unlimited exponential growth” through the ever-increasing incorporation of technologies, processes, mediascapes, and (non)human agents in an interconnected digital space.

This panel attempts to explore current approaches to translation and digital spaces that question whether or how the “paradigm of expansion” can be re-examined, challenged or redirected in the light ecological awareness (Cronin 2017) and the existing body of knowledge of Translation Studies.

Among others, issues of interest to question this “paradigm of expansion” in a critical time of ecological awareness include, but are not limited to:

• Digital translation/localization and the paradigm of unlimited expansion. Tensions between increasing access to digital genres (websites, videogames, software, apps, AVT) and linguistic, cultural, political, ideological or economic barriers. Issues such as loss (Jiménez-Crespo 2012), asymmetries or limitations in localization and other digital modalities and practices.
• Translation production and documentation in digital spaces (Enriquez Raido 2014): tensions between increasing digital resources and the convergence in a limited number or sources. How can translators help with the “most effective or beneficial form of the use of the resources for a translation project” (Cronin 2017: 107).
• Explorations of the limits of crowdsourcing, fansubbing and volunteer translation in digital spaces (Jiménez-Crespo 2017). Empirical or theoretical studies that focus on potential limitations, rather than expansion, in terms of procedural aspects, engagement, motivation, censorship, reception, etc.
• Ethical limitations to the use of MT (Kenny 2011) or non-professional practices in time-sensitive political, social and humanitarian causes: tweets, digital news, social media updates, calls for activism.
• Studies that examine issues related to the “media history of translation” (Littau 2016) to conceptualize or frame possible limitations to expansion. How changes to translation in digital spaces can be studied in “its relations to the mediascapes of the past, present, and virtual future” (Littau 2016: 923).

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