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Mutatis Mutandis Revista Latinoamericana de Traducción

Vol. 13 #1 2020

Call for Papers

Editor: Paula Andrea Montoya Arango

Guest Editors: Olga CASTRO, Emek ERGUN, María Laura SPOTURNO and Luise VON FLOTOW

As opposed to the considerable international impetus given to Translation Studies at the turn of the century, feminist networks of scholars are currently stressing the need for a transnational perspective in their work. In this context, the notion of transnational should be understood as disregarding and working beyond and despite national political and language borders (Mohanty 2003, von Flotow 2019). Assuming a transnational perspective implies “concerned usefulness, helpfulness, shared and collaborative communication across and despite borders and languages to promote mutual interests” (von Flotow 2019), while it also helps build new avenues for the development of new directions in the field of Feminist TS. Recently defined as “politically and theoretically indispensable to forging feminist, pro-social justice and anti-racist, postcolonial and anti-imperial political alliances and epistemologies” (Alvarez, Costa, et al. 2014, 558), transnational feminist translation practices and ethics promote the emergence of multiple and diverse intersubjectivities in translation, questioning and denaturalizing categories and practices of colonial modernity such as gender and gender patterns (Lugones 2010, Costa 2016, Ergun 2018). A renewed agenda reinvigorates the field. Transnational feminist translation studies are now making a strong comeback with research projects and publications examining various aspects and effects of feminism in translation both across cultures and transculturally (Flotow and Farahzad 2017; Castro and Ergun 2017; Flotow 2019). We invite contributions, which deal with any of the various aspects of Transnational Feminist Translation Studies.

Possible themes and topics include:

Translation and feminism beyond the Anglo-American Eurozone
“West/East” and “North/South” vectors of feminist knowledge and/ in translation
Women’s and feminist diversity and questions of inclusion and exclusion
The universal and the local: aspects and uses of feminist transnational translation and translation studies
International vs. transnational feminist TS
The hegemony of English in feminist academic work in TS
Critical feminist epistemologies and translation
Political aspects of transnational feminist TS
The reconceptualization of translation within a transnational framework


Articles will be 7,000 and 12,000 words in length (including notes and references) and in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Detailed style guidelines are available on the journal homepage

Please submit a detailed summary of your proposed paper by the 1 of February 2019 to the editors (emails below):


· Title of the article

· Author’s name, affiliation, e-mail

· Proposal of 500-700 words, including the description of the proposed article, its theoretical and methodological framework, its rationale and its relevance for the field of Feminist Translation Studies.

· 5 Keywords

· Times New Roman, 12 pt, single space


Please email enquiries and proposals to the editor and the guest editors at,, and, by February 1, 2019.


Abstract submission: 15 February 2019

Decisions on abstracts: 1 March 2019

Submission of papers: 1 June 2019

Acceptance of papers: 15 September 2019

Submission of final version of papers: 15 October 2019

Publication date: January 2020

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