Research Potential

The matters raised in this paper may have several applications: from a meta-theoretical point of view, the relationship between the discipline of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies can be studied; from the point of view of Descriptive Translation Studies (or the point of view of Comparative Literature itself), they can be used as a methodological framework to perform analysis related to the reception of literary works, and studying the role of translation in the evolution of the different literary systems. This implies analysing, for instance, which are the translation patterns of each period and culture; why certain models are imported rather than others; what is the degree of translation activity in a given context and what kind of appreciation that activity is given; how the different translations are received in comparison with their originals; how can translation be used as an ideological weapon; what is its ability to subvert, renew or strengthen a specific poetics; why translations become outdated and are replaced by other translations; what is the relationship translation has with other types of rewriting, such as anthologisation, literary criticism, etc. Similarly, they may be used to observe some issues in full force in current Comparative Literature, such as the decentralization of the traditional canon and the attention “minority” or “minoritised” literatures are given today, the role of these literatures in a globalised world, their presence in a post-colonial environment or their possible inclusion in what has been termed as “world literature”.

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