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cita SPA Euskera - historia de la traducción EUS Euskara - Itzulpenaren historia



origen  origins

Basque language (cf. French ‘Basque’) is the term for the official name (‘Euskara’) of the vernacular language of the Basque Country. It is also used to name the speakers of that language and the citizens of the country.


 otras denominaciones  other names

It can be also used the Basque name for the language: Euskera or Euskara.


resumen  abstract

This entry contains the history of translation referring to the Basque language, or Euskera, divided into several sections. After an introduction that provides some information on the sociolinguistic situation of the Basque-speaking territories, the broadest section is devoted to literary translation into Basque, which in turn has two subsections: translations from the 16th century until the unification of the language (1968), and translations from that date to the present. The first period is mainly a catalog of translations of religious and didactic works, at least well into the 20th century. Later, the unified or standard language, Euskera Batua, was the tool that made possible the modernization of Basque literature and the systematic translation of a good number of philosophical and literary works, thanks to both public and private initiative. In this effort, it must also be considered the importance of the work of the association of translators, EIZIE (Association of translators, correctors and interpreters of Basque language).

The second section deals with literary translations from Basque into other languages. It is a short section, since literature in Basque began to be translated into other languages in the last decade of the 20th century. The two most remarkable features are self-translation and the mediation of Spanish as a means of internationalization. Finally, the third section refers to non-literary translation, in which news is offered on the activity of translation and interpretation in local and regional administrations, on translation in the field of private companies and on audiovisual translation.


ficha   record

autor José Manuel López Gaseni
fecha de publicación 2022
referencia (cómo citar) López Gaseni, José Manuel. 2022. "Basque language - A history of translation" @ ENTI (Encyclopedia of translation & interpreting). AIETI.
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