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cita SPA Traducción comercial


 otras denominaciones  other names

Economic translation, business translation, financial translation. Economic translation may be used as a hypernym, and business, business and financial translation for sectoral or restricted concepts.


resumen  abstract

The term business translation is characterized by conceptual and denominative terminological variation. It can be broadly or narrowly understood. Regardless, business translation is a heterogeneous professional practice, essential to keep the economy working, continuously exposed to unpredictable world events and, consequently, in constant evolution. This type of translation is featured in translation curricula and is also a growing research area in Translation Studies. In this entry, the meanings of the term and some of its variations are reviewed. Next, some professional aspects are characterized, outlining the skills and knowledge required to deal with various textual and extra-textual problems posed by multiple possible scenarios in business translation practice. Finally, the main research areas that have attracted scholars’ attention until the second decade of the 21st century are presented, and new pathways are suggested. 


ficha   record

autor Daniel Gallego Hernández
Translator Alba López Díez
fecha de publicación 2022
referencia (cómo citar) Gallego Hernández, Daniel. 2022. "Business translation" @ ENTI (Encyclopedia of translation & interpreting). AIETI.
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