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cita SPA Literatura infantil y juvenil 



Other denominations: The term children's literature, books for children, books written for children was initially introduced in English;. Here we will use children's and young people's literature (CYL).

 otras denominaciones  other names

Young Adult Literature, Young Adult Fiction.


resumen  abstract

The translation of children's and young adults' literature (CYL) presents certain characteristics that clearly differentiate it from other types of translation, stemming from the delimiting characteristics of its target audience (age and developmental level), as well as from the different functions that have been attributed to it over the course of its history and the varied expectations generated around this literature and its translation in different historical and geographical contexts.

Given the variety of textual typologies and addressees of CYL, research regarding its translation has being approached from different perspectives, focusing on aspects as diverse as the thematic, the presence or absence of illustrations, language, cultural references, etc. However, a prerequisite for studying and understanding the translation of CYL is to analyse the concept of children's and young adults' literature, and all the aspects that have surrounded and shaped it into such a diverse literary system.  

For these reasons, in this entry we will first discuss the problems of delimitation of CYL; we will analyze its transition through history, the mediation and presence of the adult between the texts – original and translations - and children; the limits between translation and adaptation; the translation of cultural references; the translator’s visibility/invisibility or particular positions from already established approaches in translation studies, such as functionalism and comparative literature, among others.

As we shall see, although it has often been assumed that translating for children and young people is a simple task, numerous studies invalidate this thesis and point out the reasons for its difficulty, which to a large extent lies in the asymmetry between author and target audience and in the cultural asymmetry between the target audience of the original text (OT) and the audience of the target text (TT).


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autor Gisela Marcelo Wirnitzer
fecha de publicación 2022
referencia (cómo citar) Marcelo Wirnitzer, Gisela. 2022. "Children's and young people's literature" @ ENTI (Encyclopedia of translation & interpreting). AIETI.
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