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Community translation is an area of translation which aims to facilitate communication between public instrumentalities and speakers of minority languages. Community translation is also known as public service translation. The term community translation denotes a close link between this type of translation and the local communities it serves. The alternative term, public service translation, on the other hand, places emphasis on the relationship between this field of translation and public services.    


 otras denominaciones  other names

In English, both public service translation and community translation are used, depending on the country. In the United Kingdom, for instance, the former is more common, while in Australia the latter is used. Córdoba (2016), writing from the United States, expresses reservations about the name public service translation, due to the different meanings that the notion of public service may have in different countries. However, the same can be said about community. In fact, the literature shows two distinct senses in which community translation is used: 'professional translation for public services', which is the subject of this entry, and 'collaborative or individual translation by non-professional translators who provide translations for online communities'. 


resumen  abstract

Community translation facilitates communication between national and local public services, on the one hand, and speakers of non-official or minority languages on the other. This encyclopaedia entry provides a definition of the concept, clarifies its relationship with other fields of interlinguistic mediation, and addresses central issues such as the relationship between community translation and human and linguistic rights, the relationship between language and information accessibility, as well as the importance of professional standards to ensure community translations are effective and have a social impact.


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autor Mustapha Taibi
fecha de publicación 2022
referencia (cómo citar) Taibi, Mustapha. 2022. "Community translation" @ ENTI (Encyclopedia of translation & interpreting). AIETI.
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