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citation SPA Estudios culturales



source  origins

 The term cultural studies was first documented in the Centre for Contemporary and Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham (1964).


 other denominations  other names

 Critical studies, critical theory, cultural criticism.


summary  abstract

Cultural sudies is a generic term for a cross-disciplinary field that explores how meaning is constructed within a particular social context and is disseminated into others, studying its relationship with systems and mechanisms of power and control. This article focuses on the relationship between translation studies and cultural studies as two interdisciplinary areas of research and practice that share important interests. The first part of the article reviews the parallel evolution of both fields, their concomitances and convergences, and their location in the wider approach of intercultural communication and the sociology of translation and communication. In particular, this article gives an account of how translation has been approached as a cultural practice operating in a variety of systems; issues of power, agency, cultural representation in relation to social formations such as ideology, gender, nation, ethnicity etc., encoded in language as discourse. These can be approached with/through a wider or narrower focus, from general theoretical debates to specific contexts and cases where translators have played a significant role in enriching national languages, spreading religious creeds or framing intellectual and political encounters across different linguistic communities. 


data sheet   record

author Ovidi Carbonell i Cortés
publication date 2022
reference (how to cite) Carbonell i Cortés, Ovidi. 2022."Cultural studies" @ ENTI (Encyclopedia of translation & interpreting). AIETI.
DOI pending
URL stable