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cita SPA Investigación cuantitativa


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Quantitative and qualitative research are usually defined in tandem, with one serving to illustrate the opposite of the other, but with a general desideratum for them to work together. The leading role of numerical data and its treatment has been noted as the main distinctive trait of quantitative research, but the neat and clear boundaries created to separate them are artificial. In Translation and Interpreting Studies (TIS), their boundaries are blurred and the distance between them is not as large as it seems. Research can be seen as occurring along a continuum with designs that may be more or less quantitative or qualitative, but that are rarely positioned at the extremes.

Despite the soft boundaries between both methodologies, shifts towards one or the other can be traced through different phases of TIS, depending on researchers’ interests and their approaches. Thus, the research upsurge in Cognitive Translation & Interpreting Studies (CTIS) in the 1990s towards a more scientific and empirical methodology favored the expansion of quantitative research at the expense of qualitative investigation. In CTIS, the shift came hand in hand with a surge of experimental designs, whih were severely criticized, among other things, because of their scarce ecological validity—especially when the focus was on professional translation—and the lack of information on the quality and nature of data.

This entry provides a snapshot of quantitative research, underscores the lack of neat boundaries between categories and discusses some of its perks and perils with regard to the basic components of quantitative research design, i.e., related studies and existing gaps in the literature; research questions and variables; hypotheses, sample size and inference tests; measurement tools; and the analysis and report of results. To conclude, we glimpse at the future of responsible research in TIS.


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autor Ana María Rojo López
fecha de publicación 2022
referencia (cómo citar) Rojo López, Ana María. 2022. "Quantitative research" @ ENTI (Encyclopedia of translation & interpreting). AIETI.
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