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cita SPA Sociología RUS Социология перевода


origen  origins

The beginnings of sociology as a distinct scholarly discipline may be traced to the French philosopher Auguste Comte (1794–1859) who coined the hybrid term from the Latin socius meaning ‘companion’ and the Greek logos meaning ‘word’ or ‘science’. Together with Comte, Karl Marx, Herbert Spencer, Georg Simmel, Émile Durkheim and Max Weber are usually honoured as founders of modern sociology.


resumen  abstract

Sociology studies human interactions in groups. Translation is a means of human interactions. Therefore, it is only logical that translation activities have always been discussed as part of social interactions. This entry overviews socially informed discussions of translation before the discipline of Translation Studies was established, then within its linguistic and cultural turns. Finally, the three major models of sociologically informed translation research are shown – the macrosociological, the microsociological and the approach bridging the two.


ficha   record

autor Sergey Tyulenev
fecha de publicación 2022
referencia (cómo citar) Tyulenev, Sergey. 2022. "Sociology" @ ENTI (Encyclopedia of translation & interpreting). AIETI.
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