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The verb advertise comes from Latin advertere, “turn (attention) to”. Curiously, although most Latinate languages have verbs derived from the same root, none of them has the commercial meaning it has developed in English (e.g., Italian avvertire, Spanish and Portuguese advertir, French avertir).


other denominations  other names 

Advertising may go under the other name advertisement (usually employed for a single advertising text, and progressively shortened as advert or ad) and several hyponyms, each referring to a separate form of advertisement: commercial (a promotional audio or video text broadcast on TV or on the radio, included in a podcast or a webstream), banner (a usually strip-shaped graphic ad on a website), poster or billboard (usually put out in public spaces or on public transport), etc.

summary  abstract

This entry lays out a short history of translation research as applied to advertising, outlining four main ‘tiers’ or stages. In the first tier, the focus lies exclusively with the verbal elements of the text. In the second tier, the scope of research broadens so as to embrace non-verbal elements and multimodality. A third, more holistic tier further adds the marketing context of the advertising campaign to the researcher’s perspective. The fourth and final tier reflects critically on the translation of advertising in the light of critical discourse analysis, gender and cultural studies, and postcolonialism. After this analysis of existing studies, a few examples of possible future trends for interdisciplinary research will be outlined. Such trends might lead to tools and perspectives that could prove more useful when looking at the rich complexity of the translation of advertising, provided they are sustained by a systematic collaboration between translation studies and international marketing studies.


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author Ira Torresi
publication date 2022
reference (how to cite) Torresi, Ira. 2022. Advertising @ ENTI (Encyclopedia of Translation & Interpreting). AIETI.
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