Parallel Corpora for Contrastive and Translation Studies. New resources and applications

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Edited by Irene Doval Reixo and M. Teresa Sánchez Nieto
University of Santiago de Compostela / University of Valladolid
This volume assesses the state of the art of parallel corpus research in general, reporting on
advances both in recent developments of parallel corpora – with some particular references
to comparable corpora, too – and in ways of exploiting them for multiple purposes. The
first part of the book is devoted to new roles that parallel corpora can and should assume
in translation studies and in contrastive linguistics, to usefulness and usability of parallel
corpora, and to advances in parallel corpus alignment, annotation and retrieval. There follows
an up-to-date presentation of a number of parallel corpora projects currently carried
out in Europe, some of them multimodal, with some chapters illustrating case studies
developed on the basis of the corpora at issue. In most of these chapters, attention is paid
to specific technical issues of corpus building. The third part of the book reflects on specific
applications and on the creation of bilingual resources from parallel corpora. This volume
will be welcomed by scholars, postgraduate and PhD students in the fields of contrastive
linguistics, translation studies, lexicography, language teaching and learning, machine
translation, and natural language processing.

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