Teaching Specialized Translation. Error-tagged Translation Learner Corpora – Jarmila Fictumova, Adam Obrusnik, Kristyna Stepankova.

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This paper describes the method used in teaching specialised translation in the English Language Translation Master’s programme at Masaryk University. After a brief description of the courses, the focus shifts to translation learner corpora (TLC) compiled in the new Hypal interface, which can be integrated in Moodle. Student translations are automatically aligned (with possible adjustments), PoS (part-of-speech) tagged, and manually error-tagged. Personal student reports based on error statistics for individual translations to show students’ progress throughout the term or during their studies in the four-semester programme can be easily generated. Using the data from the pilot run of the new software, the paper concludes with the first results of the research examining a learner corpus of translations from Czech into English.
La enseñanza de la traducción especializada. Corpus textuales de traductores en formación con etiquetado de errores
En el presente trabajo se describe el método que se ha seguido para enseñar traducción especializada en el Máster de Traducción en Lengua Inglesa que se imparte en la Universidad de Masaryk. Tras una breve descripción de las asignaturas, nos centramos en corpus textuales de traductores en formación (translation learner corpora, TLC) recopilado en la nueva interfaz Hypal, que se puede incorporar en Moodle. Las traducciones realizadas por los alumnos se alinean de forma automática (con posibles modificaciones) y reciben un etiquetado gramatical y un etiquetado manual de errores. Es posible generar de manera sencilla informes sobre los alumnos con información estadística sobre errores en las traducciones individuales para mostrar su progreso durante el cuatrimestre o el programa completo. En función de los datos obtenidos en la prueba piloto del nuevo software, este trabajo presenta los primeros resultados del estudio a través de un corpus de traducciones de aprendices del checo al inglés.

The aim of this paper was to introduce Hypal, a tailor-made software, designed to build parallel annotated corpora, which was developed as part of the teaching methodology within a Master’s training programme. Students’ participation in the pilot run of the Hypal project is significant and can be seen from the results of the research presented in this paper, as well as the numerous diploma theses written recently and listed below. In future, the newly updated error typology should be applied on the English into Czech translation learner corpus. It is necessary to transfer former trainees’ translations that are stored in the e-learning system to Hypal. There are currently several student translations in Hypal that need error-tagging. Both teachers and new students need to be trained and continue with this work to prepare more data in order to improve the quality of teaching and the translations produced by trainees. It is expected that the English into Czech TLC will provide the trainers with more material that can contribute to better results in both teaching and research. The comparison of the two TLCs (CELTRac and the English-to-Czech translation learner corpus) and their error annotations should then bring more insights into the perceived nature of the impact that directionality has on translation processes and practices.

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