The UMAQ Conference

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Fecha: 16/09/2021 - 17/09/2021

The UMAQ Conference seeks to explore the ways in which the different stakeholders involved in the media accessibility and audiovisual translation value chain (such as researchers, industry, policy-makers and organisations of end-users) tackle the pressing and complex issue of quality.
The 2nd UMAQ Conference on “Understanding Quality in Media Accessibility and Audiovisual Transaltion” will take place at the University of Vigo on 16-17 September, 2021. The conference will be followed by a free multiplier event of the EASIT project on 18 September afternoon.

Possible topics of interest
Within the context of Media Accessibility and Audiovisual Translation, possible topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

– Theoretical issues and the theoretical foundation of quality.
– Quality issues in specific modalities: dubbing, respeaking, subtitling, audio description, etc.
– Quality in standards, guidelines and regulations.
– The human factor in the definition and assessment of quality.
– Quality in/and technology: machine translation, automatic subtitles, automatic audio description, clean audio, technologies for access services, etc.
– The role of MA/AVT stakeholders (industry, end-users, regulators, etc.) in the definition and evaluation of quality
– Quality issues in live events, museums, videogames, immersive environments, etc.
– Quality and reception studies
– Metrics for measuring quality
– One-size-fits-all approaches versus context-dependent approaches to quality
– Interdisciplinary approaches to quality
– Intersectionality in the definition and assessment of quality
– Pedagogical issues: quality in education and training, the role of education and training in current and future accounts of quality, the need for and role of new professional profiles and their potential impact on quality issues in AVT/MA
– Quality issues in relation to different end users’ groups: children, younger adults, the elderly, migrants, persons with disabilities, etc.
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