ENTI provides all its entries at least in English and in an Iberian language (Basque, Catalan, Galician, Portuguese and Spanish). Some of the entries are already available in more than two languages, and we hope to keep on enlarging the encyclopedia so that it can be accessed in more and more languages. In the Table of contents you can find the list of entries by titles, subjects or authors, as well as the languages each one is available in.

The Search Box (top right) allows you to search the encyclopedia in three different modes: (1) only the titles (+); (2) titles and abstracts (++); and (3) whole entries (+++). The more you restrict your search (1), the more relevant the results will be. The more you open your search (3), the more comprehensive results you will get.

You may use quotation marks and asterisks in the same way search engines usually work on the internet.

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